Digital Consultant
in Austria.

Digital marketing and campaigns - that's my passion. I love to transform ideas, visions and products into winning concepts for the digital world and connecting them to the right audiences. Through my work in various campaigns as a digital marketing manager and performance marketing manager, I bring the experience you need for your online presence. I have also been passing on my knowledge in the field of digital marketing for years as a speaker, lecturer and workshop leader. Do you also want to inspire people for your idea on digital platforms? Then let's make it happen, together!

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My Expertise

Performance Marketing

Experience. With digital advertising spend of over 15 million euros, I am one of the leading experts in online marketing and performance marketing in the DACH region. I master those skills to reach the right target group for your idea on digital platforms. 

Digital Transformation

Future. I have been developing digital business models for companies for eight years now and one thing is clear: the market is changing at breakneck speed. I know what it takes as a company to keep its finger on the pulse in this fast-moving world. 

Digital Communication

Passion. My hear beats for communication and marketing. Campaigning for the former EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, NEOS party founder Matthias Strolz, and many more leading politicians as well as NGOs has given me the know-how to run campaigns.

Capacity Building & Workshops

Application. I have conducted over 300 workshops in the field of online marketing for universities, foundations and clients.